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We are a centre of excellence in the provision of quality and cost effective services in an environment of love and compassion.

At JAFC, we are driven by a passion to see as many couples as possible overcome infertility and become joyful parents of children.

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Joje Abebe Fertility Services

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Invitro fertilization IVF is one of many Assisted Reproductive Technology carried out at JOJE Fertility Centre. It refers to the creation of embryo outside the body of the woman.

The journey to parenthood at JAFC starts with a comprehensive fertility evaluation and counselling, with an initial fertility workup to determine what could be the possible cause of the infertiltiy.

The third-party reproduction is a very significant and important aspect of assisted reproductive technology that has made it possible for women who have passed the age of child bearing medically and couples diagnosed with the most severe form male factor infertility characterized with oligoasthenoteratozoospermia

At JAFC, we offer Pre-implatation Genetic Diagnostic solutions to determine the sex, genotype and check for any chromosomal or genetic abnormalities using the pre-implantation genetic testing technique.


I got married at the age of 25 and waited for 11 harrowing years before I was blessed with my TRIPLETS. During the waiting period, I visited several hospitals, ran so many tests, including HGS at four different times to no avail. At the time in was beginning to loose hope. I was introduced by a friend to Joje Abebe Fertility center. What I really liked about JAFC is the sincere and warm environment, it didn’t feel like a hospital, and I was treated like family. I felt really comfortable going through the investigation and the procedures. I actually believed God for one baby by God gave me triplets (two boys and a girl). I am really grateful to God and the highly qualified professionals at JAFC

Mrs. K.O

Thank you so much JAFC for all you do, we could not be happier. We have been to several hospitals for tests and treatments. We were once told we can never have a baby, even had a failed attempt at IVF. But JAFC is quite different and we sure had a wonderful experience. We have God and you to thank for our twins! It is our hope that you continue to help couples achieve their dreams.

Mr & Mrs R.O