Pre-implantation Genetic Testing

At JAFC, we offer Pre-implatation Genetic Diagnostic solutions to determine the sex, genotype and check for any chromosomal or genetic abnormalities using the pre-implantation genetic testing technique.

Indications for Genetic Diagnosis

  • Couples at risk of transferring chromosomal or genetic abnormalities to their offsprings.
  • Couples for elective sex/gender selection
  • Advanced couples

Our genetic solutions include;

  • Sex / Gender Selection: which give couples opputunities to pre determine the sexes of their embryos before they are transfered
  • Single Gene Disorders: especially for couples who are both AS Genotype and are at risk of given birth to an SS genotype/ sickle cell anaemic child. This test gives them the oppunity to pre determine the genotype of their embryos before they are transfered
  • Aneuploid Screening: especially for advanced couples, this test is used to screen for the presence of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrom on embryos before they are trnsfered back to their mother’s womb.

Cost of PGD/IVF Programs

So yes, it is possible to determine the sex of the baby you want to carry in your womb, the genotype of the baby before implantation, for couples with single gene disorder who are carriers of the sickle cell gene.